Meniscal tear

Looking into the knee with a scope gives a surgeon the perfect picture of what is going on inside the knee joint. If you have torn some cartilage from the bone, or have some tearing of your meniscus from a sporting injury, an arthroscopy can fix this.

While looking at the inside of the joint Dr Ben can see the tear and either smooth the area so it not longer catches and causes pain or fix it back into place with a small stitch. This is done with fine instruments that can fit through a cut in the skin the width of a thumb nail.

Loose Bodies

Sometimes a small piece of cartilage or boney surface detaches due to injury. This causes pain inside the knee and can scratch and damage the joint surface. A knee arthroscopy is a good way to remove this problem.

Knee arthroscopies will not help people with bad arthritis who do not have any meniscal tears.

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