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Shoulder Arthroscopy

In this surgical procedure a number of small incisions are made around the shoulder and a small telescope and instrument are inserted into the shoulder cavity or joint space. Through the arthroscope (telescope) soft tissue may be removed or repaired and bone spurs may be removed. In some situations tendon may also be repaired through these small incisions.

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Arthroscopic Excision AC joint

This is an arthroscopic operation to remove the AC joint. A common problem in surfers and gym users. One of the most successful shoulder operations!

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Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression and Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair

The Rotator Cuff consists of four separate muscles and their tendons. These muscles are responsible for raising the arm away from the body. The muscles of the rotator cuff are attached to thick tendons which cover the shoulder joint and insert into the head of the humerus. Tears of the rotator cuff are more common among middle aged and older patients. Tears may be caused by a traumatic episode , by a slow wearing down due to direct pressure of the acromion grinding upon the rotator cuff tendons, or by a slow loss of blood supply to the tendon. This repeated pressure upon the tendons is called Shoulder Impingement.

Subacramial Decompression

This is an operation to remove impingement and bursitis by increasing the size of the subacromial space. The operation is performed via the telescope using 2 very small stab incisions.

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Shoulder Stabilisation

Shoulder instability is a very common problem, particularly among young athletic people. Shoulder dislocation is a common injury and unfortunately many shoulders that dislocate end up with ongoing problems. Some of these problems can be solved with shoulder surgery.

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Frozen Shoulder Release

Frozen shoulder is a poorly understood yet nasty condition. It is characterised by severe pain and stiffness. Many treatments have been proposed but few are successful. The good news is most patients get better without requiring surgery.

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Shoulder Joint Replacement

In severe shoulder arthritis the bearing cartilage wears out leading to bone on bone wear, this can be very painful. Shoulder replacement surgery replaces the worn joint surfaces with metal and plastic bearings which normally alleviates the severe pain.

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Shoulder Exercises

Following shoulder surgery you will be seen my physiotherapist prior to discharge. Your exercise programme will include the below exercises and others depending upon your operation.

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