How Do I Pay? – Fees And Billing


Workers compensation, MVIT and Defence Force personnel have all their accounts sent directly to the insurer. There will be no out of pocket expenses.

Normal privately insured patients may have an out of pocket expense ( known as a gap ) . The amount of this Gap is dependant on the insurer and the surgery performed. At the time of you consultation you will be given a written quote of exactly what this will be.

Physiotherapy : Inpatient physiotherapy after your operation is an important part of your rehabilitation. All inpatient physio is covered so there will be no cost to you.

Radiology: X-rays while you are in hospital are usually covered.

Blood tests: There is usually no out of pocket charge.

Fees can be complex and confusing, Dr Hewitt or his staff are very happy to discuss this in more detail if required.


Initial consultation cost is $195 . You receive $73 back from medicare.

There are no further costs for post-operative visits for the first 6 weeks.

Follow up appointments after this time are $90 . You receive $37 back from medicare.

Do I Need A Referral?

To see Dr Hewitt you do not need a referral.
A lot of patients are referred by their GP or another specialist and this can be helpful in providing background medical history. Many patients are referred by their physiotherapist or trainer which is also fine.
If you have a referral from a doctor it does increase the rebate you get back from medicare for your initial consultation.

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